Crowdfunding: Potential Promises and Pitfalls

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The three Youtube videos from our March 27 Crowdfunding event are now available, Enjoy!

An exciting CFAR JFAR/Global Health junior faculty get-together on March 27 Thursday evening to discuss new opportunities to secure research funding. Co-Moderated by JFAR Chair, Satish Pillai and CFAR Mentoring Program Director, Jonathan Fuchs. The event featured a strong panel with broad funding expertise. Invited panelists included:

Daniel Scarpelli - Senior Director for Annual and Special Giving, UCSF Development and Alumni Relations. Goals of the UCSF crowd funding platform are to lead the way, democratize funding, and fill a funding void.

Oscar Jasklowski - Co-founder of (formerly Microryza), a platform for discovering, funding, and experiencing new scientific discoveries. Their mission is to fund science that moves us forward.

Michael Greenberg - Co-founder and CEO of ScaleFunder, a powerful technology that matches non-profits' online look and feel with multiple points of customization. The company is interested in the transformative role of new media and technology in the nonprofit world.